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2019 - 09 - 14 09:15:40

children play in the current penetration rate is higher and higher, also some of the children of these devices is too familiar, even't interest children already. This phenomenon is not good, is not conducive to the development of the children play. To avoid such a phenomenon, senior people in the amusement and investment on the development of children's amusement equipment two Suggestions: first, to make the children's amusement equipment. It is best to establish a theme park, children's playground investment theme amusement park is not only the theme of the children's amusement equipment, more is to do the children's amusement equipment to interact with children, only good interaction can better play the function of the children's amusement equipment is the largest. Second, according to the children's playground positioning, regularly for children's amusement equipment to undertake transforming. Don't change the basic function of children's amusement equipment, so that children in the amusement park to play every time, arouse the curiosity of people. The cost is low, the effect is very good also.

to customer demand as the guidance, not only for entertainment as the theme, more attention to the educational function of amusement equipment, grasp the key is the operating kingly way

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