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Children's playground want better retain customers and which methods

by:Bouncia      2020-05-06
2019 - 11 - 01 08:20:33

children indoor playground in each big market rise over the years, but really just a few of the profit. The establishment of the various business circle, children's playground has said, customers are determined; And people's time cost increases, preference and straight to a popular place to spend, homogeneity of equipment and decoration, selective, customers service capability is not strong, the members agreed with difficulty, the customer to the more the more loss.

a lot of times, park operators are focus on the external market, didn't realize that through drainage and catch potential attract customers to the waves, but does not bring us more considerable economic benefits, the drainage of many customers, but really left a few? Not only didn't leave, even by our staff 'away', don't want to come! This 'away', it is in our without notice, be away! ! !

let's think about it: who is direct contact with the customers? Yes, is a line employees. That we want to retain customers, increase customer to frequency, what is the most critical factor?

our internal staff is link to customers, enhance customer viscosity, the first thing to do! Morita salt, once said: the success of the outstanding enterprises, what is neither theory, is not a plan, also is not the government's policies, but people. Who is the most fundamental starting point of all business. Kazuo inamori also said: business is business, my business all his life.

there are also a phrase in China's enterprise management: the boss take good care of the staff, staff take good care of the customers, customers can take good care of our business. So, increase customer support behind viscosity is what? Is to stimulate the power of every employee brings to the customers happy, let employees become a most valuable bond link customers and paradise!

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