Children's park style positioning

< p > < / p > < p > children paradise first to locate your theme style, each style has a characteristic of each style. Such as ocean style, ice and snow world, forest style, colorful candy theme, style, space British style. < / p > < p > series with bright and lively ice and snow, ice and snow pale blue color, makes every effort to attract the eyes of the children, instantly combined with all kinds of cartoon image, lighting effects, create a harmonious atmosphere, the dream is like ice and snow kingdom, feel the magic of ice and snow country. In the design USES the cold, sound, light, store technology, the natural scenery, myths, legends, traditional culture and aesthetic perfect combination of art, perfection the ice world of romance and fantasy, set ornamental, experience, experience, interaction in an indoor children's paradise. < / p > < p > colorful candy theme colourful cotton candy, super lollipop, sweet candy, cakes, cookies, let a person lick one's chaps columnar ice cream and so on all sorts of modelling to the ground laid of the dreamy, romantic, with a strong flavor of candy, the whole is tonal give priority to with warm color, kiss good images of feeling letting a person is a warm home. < / p > < p > forest series of naughty castle with the overall theme of green. The sun rises, blossoming flowers in full bloom, gurgling streams, sweet birdsong, the wind blowing leaves, dancing butterflies, gentle and lovely elephant, bear, monkey forms of trees and flowers combination of elements such as an abstract and representational, dynamic and static art form to create a magic world. Let the children play in the process of enjoying the beauty of nature, the experience of forest nature fun in the park, to inspire children to nature yearning, let children immersive experience the vitality of nature. < / p > < p > Newton once said that the truth of the sea, and let not found everything to lie down in front of my eyes, let I to explore. Everyone has a dream, the dream you can swim in the sea, to experience the beauty of underwater world with all kinds of fish, coral, aquatic plants say hello. Ocean series designers with the aid of various elements such as ferocious shark, fish swim, different shapes of coral aquatic plants and the vast blue sea to build the colorful undersea world. < / p > < p > British wind in short is the British style, British pouring from British Victorian style, use simple line (Scottish grid A straight line, slash) , bright color, Red, blue and white) , coupled with the unique elements ( Flag, Buckingham Palace, st Paul's cathedral, London's Big Ben, tower bridge, the London bus, etc. ) The outline of a natural, elegant, implicative, noble British wind lasting appeal. British wind, drainage, the use of different region amorous feelings, diversity, fun, educational function and with the lovely college English, is the love of parents and children. < / p > < p > the mystery of space, let countless people want to go to explore. What's your dream? I want to be astronauts to explore the mysterious space. Space series is designed to meet the children's imagination, there are all kinds of amusement equipment such as flying saucers, spacecraft, the astronauts, etc. Children can contact with them to a close. Not only can satisfy the seeking knowledge desire and more projects for kids, as it were, gliding in the air, such as running in the sky. Let the children learn in play, play in the study. Match the style and decoration, the whole park came out, the whole atmosphere will attract children and parents. < / p >
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