Children's amusement facilities safety starts from these aspects

2019 - 10 - 12 17:15:29

children's amusement facilities whether can normal operation will directly affect the safety of children, also directly affect the normal operation of indoor children's paradise. In order to provide a safe environment of amusement, its daily inspection and maintenance of equipment is very important, so safety management important children play catch what aspects? A daily maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment and is the biggest difference between electronic video equipment, video electronic equipment mainly in the relatively small size of space activities, people and equipment not too closely related, only intermittent contact. Such as rap, shooting, shake the hand simple analog stick clip dolls and other sports. And mechanical equipment is the need to carry the whole players, such as speed, pirate ship, swing machine. So the mechanical equipment safety management is more important. Second, confirm the circuit safety mechanical amusement equipment and lighting are closely associated with circuit, so the daily maintenance of the circuit is also cannot be ignored. In addition to check whether the wire aging, damaged, opened a day before check the normal operation of a variety of equipment, so as to avoid this can avoid the damage to a player. Third, check whether the joint is rigid joint is strong will directly affect the children's amusement facilities overall robustness. The operator should check connections of each place if there is a screw loose or fall off. Once found the situation, to tighten the timely reinforcement, in order to avoid accidents. Four, to ensure the safety of some children's amusement facilities there will be a seat to fix the body of children, so the handle of seat, seat belt or safety pressure bar to fixed good, reliable lock, without damage, damage; Cockpit doors or gateway stopper to be flexible, reliable and non-destructive locking device; Cockpit skeleton and hull no crack, corrosion phenomenon. Five, the soft bag check soft package has gradually become a main show form, children's amusement facilities, it not only can maximize the designer's inspiration, for children to provide comprehensive protection against knock against. But once the soft package is damaged, the part of naked easy to harm the child. Investors should regularly check the soft bag, if it is found that soft package damage, should timely repair, in order to avoid surprises. Six, clean up the scene of the clutter and active love to play is the nature of each child, so both in indoor and outdoor, home or play, like climbing, rolling, lying down, so for the sake of their children's safety, must guarantee the pleasure grounds and the surrounding environment clean and tidy, to clean up the sundry garbage on the ground in time, lest hurt children.

do a good job in security management and maintenance, can not only discover equipment failure in time, also can reduce accident rate, improve the personal safety of the child. Practice has proved that good children's amusement facilities safety management can effectively reduce the incidence of accidents, it is also a 'temperature' indoor children's amusement facilities should do, can win more parents trust their parents.

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