Children's amusement equipment wear and tear is analysed

02 - 27 16:32:00

amusement equipment is a very popular industry, especially children amusement equipment, but also a lot of people to invest, but if you want to run good, must grasp the amusement equipment wear stage, then give you a simple analysis, hope to be of help. The first stage: the running-in stage. New friction pair surface with certain roughness, the actual contact area is small, therefore, the beginning of running-in, the wear very quickly, with the ongoing of running-in, the rough surface gradually raised was smooth, and the actual contact area increases gradually, become a smooth surface level off, the wear rate decreases gradually. When after reaching a certain degree of incline to stable, at this time for the end of running-in stage. This period of early wear is called grinding and the top. People consciously use the running-in stage mild wear stage, create conditions for the stability of the normal operation of the wear. In this stage, for the protection of the equipment without the running-in shall comply with the lightening, deceleration, the reasonable operation rules, such as low viscosity lubricating oil, as constant temperature, etc. In addition, to shorten the period can use appropriate advanced technology such as, improve equipment utilization. After the break-in, cleaning lubricating system, using meets the quality requirements of lubricating oil. The second stage: stable running-in stage. This is the normal work. After running-in, the friction surface strain hardening. The micro geometry change, wear a slow and steady. This stage of the late, due to the metal fatigue, wear relatively faster, but still can continue to work. When close to the metal fatigue limit, the machine will be fixed phase of the mandatory inspection, in case the machine due to the heavy wear and radio and television university mechanical accident.

the third stage: the severe wear phase.

this one phase, due to the metal surface layer achieves the fatigue limit, friction condition, great changes have taken place Such as temperature rise sharply, the surface of metal organization significant change, the micro geometry shape change, gap increases, bad lubrication condition, etc. ) Sharp growth, make the wear rate, mechanical effect rate fell, the loss of accuracy, abnormal noise and vibration of the coupled with the change of the material mechanics performance, eventually lead to component failure, must carry out maintenance.

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