Children's amusement equipment is analysed the cause of the accident

2019 - 10 - 20 08:40:01

with the development of social economy, people living standard rise, children's amusement park become places frequented by children, so we always pay attention to safety problems, let's look at the children's amusement equipment, what are the cause of the accident? 1. Use of children's amusement equipment unit of mismanagement, peccancy operation lead to accidents. The incidence of this kind of accident accounted for 49% of total number of accidents, children's amusement equipment field. In some amusement parks and park etc, no hire professional operating large recreational equipment work personnel, employment is generally amateur staff, just know how to switch equipment, for amusement equipment need to be aware of safety matters and equipment operation principle of all don't understand. 2. Important parts of children's amusement equipment failure cause an accident. The incidence of such accidents account for 35% of the total number of vehicle accidents. Many amusement park equipment accident suddenly not because of bearing steel wire rope fracture, is because the wire rope card buckle loose, otherwise we may results from limiter failure. When the maintenance personnel in the large recreational equipment safety checks, whether it is easy to neglect these parts is firm, so will cause irreparable tragedy. 3. Other accidents caused by the accident. The incidence of such accidents account for 16% of the total number of vehicle accidents.
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