Children's amusement equipment, how to reasonable use a space management

2019 - 10 - 30 09:29:55

children's amusement equipment is a kind of amusement facilities. It is to point to in the park, main market, playgrounds, kindergartens, campus and most public places provide children with naughty castle facilities, manual equipment, inflatable equipment and mechanical equipment. Children's amusement equipment, usually in the shopping plaza, markets, and other places of entertainment found in public places. The main target audience are children. The children can enjoy the happiness of childhood, while movement, have the effect of double benefit. Children's amusement equipment characteristics: structure movement characteristics: the improvement including unrestricted amusement equipment, mainly spin, roll, cushion, etc. Because to 0 6 years old children's security, the volume is relatively small and set indoors, and through some creative games and clever use of sound, light, air, water, color combination to achieve the purpose of entertaining children's early education training. Children's amusement facilities should be the following reasonable use a space, put the position and play amusement facilities: 1. In the children's amusement park, each device has its uniqueness and advantages. When placed, should be combined with each other, strewn at random have send, fun and appearance and function. 2. Between amusement equipment and equipment shall be enough space, so that the players have enough space to play, and to prevent collision or playing injured. 3. Popular new entertainment equipment, should be placed at the entrances to the playground, or the register of gold position. General equipment can be placed in the designated area. After a period of time after operation, equipment is placed. To adjust. 4. According to the income of the amusement equipment, in the playground, it is necessary to exchange features and the related exchange, and like the profitability of the equipment and the entire playground. This can be achieved by popular equipment to promote the popularity of other devices.
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