Celebrate double festival, this a few inflatable pool not to be missed!


today on May 24, choke refers to a calculate, from the children's day with only 7 days, from the Dragon Boat Festival and then there were 13 days.

children, double festival dragon boat to

think are a little excited? 吗? !

amusement customers friends can make a lot of money again!

the holiday season is a year business children's inflatable slide a golden opportunity, because the time is the slides in a year when business is good. So before the holidays come, I want to be inflatable slide the investors must run out of the place of business and product ready, must not miss it.

a paddle, lobster paradise

this product with lobster on the theme of modelling, the bending of the lobster is located on a spiral chute, body slides for perpendicular bends to the two levels of climbing.

lobster has a tilt in front of the ship type slide, ship with lobster set each other off becomes an interest, more highlights the artistic conception of the product theme.

ice and snow kingdom

with ice and snow world as the theme, people travel in the snow, so as to achieve the unity of people view state; This product is equipped with a number of different height of slide, meet the needs of different play the crowd.

elephant parks

this elephant lifelike, tall, beautiful modelling, can instantly attract the attention of children, in addition to the appearance of bright beautiful, this kind of inflatable Inflatable Water Park on the gameplay experience is to the taste of tourists, stocky elephant structure modelling to climb in the rainbow the visitors on the way to provide security, the height of the inflatable pool at the same time to provide customers with better gameplay experience, not only suitable for children, more suitable for parent-child paddle and is a suitable for different age groups at the same time play the new equipment.

the whale swims paradise

the whale swims slide small whales in the children's favorite Marine animals theme elements, modelling is vivid, inflatable pool used on collocation, create a realistic ocean world, very for children love, inflatable swimming pool using the water slides collocation, meet the needs of parent-child play.

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