Buy amusement equipment after-sales customer's mind or car

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1 warranty order our products, provide technical guidance for life, so you do not have trouble.

2 battery chargers guarantee replacement within three months.

3 battery warranty to cut off the new batteries to store electricity, not check in the liquid.

4 warranty product freight back and forth with the buyer.

5 tips prices excluding freight in, when the goods arrived at destination, different locations and different weight of the freight. Can ask online customer service for details. FAQ

1 can you print our logo on product?

a: yes, you only need to provide a good sign.

2 can you do my own design?

a: yes, you only need to send us a detailed information and a sketch and a photo of you.

we can change size and color according to color?

a: yes, you only need to send us a detailed information and a photo of you.

4 quality control?

answer our goal is to provide customers the best quality products, quality control is the most important step of our business, our QC will check one by one, in conformity with the product every detail to make sure it is in your hands perfect.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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