But few indoor children's amusement park, for what reasons

2019 - 10 - 29 09:03:26

in the kids club membership card everyday way of doing business has become the main revenue source of indoor children's paradise. Children's park operator will pass some preferential measures to encourage parents to deal with the membership card. We found that although some parents give their children to deal with the membership card, but rarely take children to come to consumption, let alone to deal with the next card. Such a situation is very detrimental to the long-term operation. What causes the happening of this kind of situation?

1。 Parents don't have time. Most parents usually busy with work, rarely has time for their children, very not easy on weekends, again busy such and such things. This makes many parents give their children obviously do the membership card, but rarely take children to play. For this case, the park can offer hosting services for some big boy. In the case of parents have something need to deal with, they can temporarily put children's paradise, accompanied by park staff to play, until parents doing things to pick them up again.

it is important to note that managed object must be a certain ego to protect consciousness and can accept parents leave for older children. Moreover, since provide hosting service, that there must be a sufficient number and staff with strong sense of responsibility.

2。 Consumption experience is poor. The experience of parents and children in the children's paradise is a direct impact on whether they are willing to once again play a direct cause of. Some park sanitation is poor; Bad staff service attitude; Or a small amusement equipment playability featureless, these will give a bad impression for the parents and children, it is difficult to attract them forward. Some parents even willing to pay to other indoor playground to do a membership card.

children's park staff is the most important service object of children, children can accept, can lead the children playing games, is the need to consider. Best requires a certain talent, like children, have best teaching experience.

3。 Does not pay attention to maintain the relationship of the customers. Many children's paradise for a customer already dealt with the membership card is not to pay special attention to, their eyes were staring at those without open the purse, that we forget should provide service to the people who pay the money. In their view, parents now that you've spent money, not afraid of them not. Spent money don't come to play is their loss, paradise is not what loss.

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