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Bumper car suitable to buy what price? The royal carriage lights look good suction gold again

by:Bouncia      2020-09-13
2019 - 02 - 21 11:48:53

the royal carriage configuration tables: size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 quality: 150 kg weight: 100 kg shell: strengthen the glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather resistance car paint. Brushless motor: 48 pay gear efficient 500 - watt motor controller: 48 pay 500 w brushless 3 generation of LCD controller battery: amd 20 a * 4 brake: efficient electronic brake, loose feet or stop lights: dazzle colour lamp add neon with high reflective tyre: high wear-resisting rubber explosion-proof tire color: phnom penh tinted bumper: national standard steel pipe prices of the lacquer that bake: 50-9000 12000

affected by the national environmental policy, environmental protection type new amusement equipment products is the key of the amusement cling to range, customers not only focuses on the amusement facilities, products, and on the surrounding of amusement equipment manufacturers also was investigated, and a preliminary understanding, customer very agree with my company's products, hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with our company. Pleasure to take this opportunity to each customer will make customer benchmarking, and further enhance the strong competitiveness of amusement equipment products in the amusement equipment market and influence!

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