Bumper car owners should pay attention to matters

11 - 25 11:17:00

children's bumper cars is primarily children to play with, so for the security is very important. In order to ensure the safety of the passengers, for in the process of bumper car business, must need to do a some security measures. The amusement equipment to introduce the concrete under some safety protective measures! Flying saucer bumper cars provide the following safety knowledge.

1。 There is no leakage of the cutting edges, burrs, sharp edges, To be on the safe side, ground net bumper car any passengers can hit, there is no leakage of dangerous protrusions, such as sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, lest hurt children.

2。 Set the security fence. Security fence set import and export, respectively. Set in the inlet guide fence, security fence opening direction should be consistent with by people marching direction. To prevent harm the personnel's hand when closed, clearance between frame and column should be appropriate, or other protective measures. 3. The platform should have slippery measure. 4. Run side by side of amusement facilities, by one part of the import and export platform should not be higher than 300 mm. Other amusement facilities in one part of the import and export from the height of the platform, should be easy to up and down. 5. Take one part must be marked number of authorized strength, no overload operation. 6. Set up eye-catching safety sign. Children's bumper cars should be in place and part of the necessary to set up eye-catching safety sign. 7. Equipment through the culvert, which include surface should be not easy to fall off material, decoration should be fixed tightly. 8. In front of the equipment operation was carried out on the product, please detailed check again, should have anti-skid measures to ensure the quality is all right.

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