Bumper car investment advice

2019 - 09 - 24 18:09:06

that want to invest in small, again want to lower risk, namely to return, still have to work soon? There is such a good business to do under the sun? And see some profitable small businesses: simulation car playground easily make a lot of money. Amusement toys produced plush animal electric toy car, the most suitable for small entrepreneurs start easily make money business, has become a children's playground business owners across the country money machine. 【 The simulation car playground 】 'Play' is the world of children's main content, and nowadays many playgroups, really suitable for children's amusement equipment is not much, not too drab is children is unfavorable. Children simulation car playground here is similar to real car is shown to children's car, children play charge once the car can run 2 ~ 4 hours, you can forward, backward, also have fast and slow. This way of 'play' to exercise the reaction of children, will be great help for children's growth. 【 Investment planning 】 Children's zone in front of the park or green square, 100 square meters of empty Spaces, rent a day rent of about 80 yuan, add jeep three children simulation ( RMB 2180 / table) , a total of 6540 yuan; Customized woven lable two large propaganda ( A picture hangs at the entrance to the park, a picture of a car park entrance in simulation) , a total of 300 yuan; Table, bench a set of 500 yuan. With a total investment of 7500 yuan, can be opened. 【 Economic benefit analysis 】 Simulation of automobile rents in 5 minutes for a charging unit, 3 yuan ( Lower fees can attract children let go to play,. ) Calculate by each vehicle available for two hours every day, every car daily turnover is 72 yuan, three car daily turnover is 216 yuan, monthly income of 6480 yuan, annual gross profit of 77760 yuan. In addition to ground rent 28800 yuan last year, electricity ( The cars were charged) Advertising costs 10000 yuan, 5000 yuan, the annual net profit of 33960 yuan. The mean monthly income of 2800 yuan of above, can ensure that the investment recovery period is only two and a half months. 【 Investment and marketing advice 】 1. Children simulation car park should be set within the park, or a movie theater near the door and densely populated residential area. 2. Operators can establish long-term relations of cooperation with kindergarten, primary school, in order to reduce investment risk, increasing the fixed income. 3. Can negotiate with the park, the park in space, both sides into profits.
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