Bumper car how?

2019 - 10 - 09 14:14:10

there are many factors that can affect children's bumper car park business, one of the most important thing is site traffic, if it is in the middle of nowhere, no business. If site selection in the downtown area, traffic was bigger place will have a good income, but the cost will be very high, the profit is not much. Especially for the first time in the amusement industry, budget is not high, all of a sudden input is too big, are not allowed on the money. Village square, park, kindergarten playground comprehensive shopping malls. Do this kind of business are common to earn money, bumper cars WoBeiQi amusement equipment quality is quite good, can search on alibaba.   1. To choose a suitable operation sites, zhao small make up recommend in location can in large shopping centers such as stream of square or park and children often go to a place of business 2. In the field after we confirm it according to your budget to choose the appropriate manufacturer, in choosing a manufacturer good drunk to select field quality guaranteed good bumper cars, then negotiate with manufacturer, production and installation. 3. After we determine the date of installation we can determine the date of good business, can be in this period of our bumper car site first promotion and determine the fare, etc.
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