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Bumper car claim to the ground

by:Bouncia      2020-09-14
2019 - 09 - 20 16:02:09

a, how to choose the suitable bumper cars? Vehicle as far as possible when the delivery will be in same bumper car together, don't will plush electric toy car and bumper cars in the same venue management, plush electric accidents are easy to be bumper car knocked down; Put together the vehicle is the same type as far as possible, avoid the size of the gap is too big, in case of collision out of balance. Second, the choice of venue requirements: must choose to smooth the use of the site, smooth cement floor, ceramic tile ground, marble floors, the ground is cracked or interval can cause the ride comfort is poor, can also cause electronic components failure or damage, also can cause the damage of the frame and the motor output shaft fracture and the collapse of the wheel. Rough easy to cause the excessive wear of the wheels on the ground, the wheels of change, especially change the frequency of driving wheel will be increased accordingly. Field to advisable, but not more than 10 degrees slope, the slope is too large to cause the bumper car uphill speed so slow, mainly were too fast downhill difficult to control. Around the site can't ditch or pools, ditches and pool must have a comprehensive protective measures, so as to avoid damage to vehicles and dangerous accidents. Operating the area of the site is not the bigger the better, bumper cars each big use no more than 10 square, little not less than 5 square, contoured operation sites have special inflatable fence or barrier, preventing pedestrians into collision with the vehicle injuries, so as to avoid economic loss. Running around the ground of venue or have no sharp or edges of the metal, in order to prevent the acute damage to the body and the damage of the inflatable ring.

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