Bumper car after-sales

2019 - 09 - 25 10:55:57

first of all, thank you very much for the new and old customers choose our bumper car products, we have the strength of bumper car manufacturers as a partner is to us. That we all know, any product not unlimited use will not damage, that our bumper car, too. As consumables, it also is bad, what should we do? According to the previous customer feedback, some customers bumper cars use for half a year or one year later, there will be a little bit small problems. This is to belong to normal, don't panic, some small problems as long as according to the specification can be fixed on their own. If it is other case? For example, when found bumper cars with music, but I don't go, how should handle? There was a problem in this kind of situation is a bumper car circuit board, and see if it is not well matched, look at the battery inside is cohesion tight, let abundant power line between them. If operation after a period of time, found that children's bumper cars front direction, turn the steering wheel and some difficult to even, that is about to go to check over the wire, and let the steering wheel can play on the wire, so we can solve the problem of the front direction. Temperature controller is broken when found, also don't too worry, you only need to pay the two wires on the switch directly to the touch, see bumper cars also can continue to work, if not, explain controller has been damaged, replace a new controller. If found bumper car remote control switch can't normal operation, then use hand upon the wire, can you hear the sound of the ticking. Hear ticking, battery bumper car remote control switch is damaged, it is possible that internal short circuit caused such problem, only replace the bumper car remote control.

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