Budgeted cost of trampoline park

< p > indoor trampoline park is the company independent research and development, manufacturing, marketing, service, indoor trampoline park in view of the consumer groups have young children, students, teenagers, white-collar workers to work, a housewife. General location in the school, the gym, CBD business district, swimming pool, training, and other related properties of best business district. In addition to the production of trampoline equipment, we provide free design, business planning and consulting, installation, after-sales service, etc. < / p > < p > large trampoline can be placed in a variety of projects, have more variety of gameplay. Trampoline park bounce area, dodge ball area contained in the free software, spider tower, wall, professional trampoline area, sponge pool area, against the ball room, Slam Dunk, inflatable bounce, rock climbing, pyramid, convex platform and platform, endure, slide the ball pool, developing space, sponge custom area, inflatable touch your ball, naughty fort, and other comprehensive trampoline sport. But often have many customers want to rich project cost low, however, to calculate the cost budget of trampoline park will have to be from the following three aspects: a, trampoline park stadium trampoline park stadium costs also need from the venue rental and internal decoration to calculate. Venue rental is the venue location location location to set, but in the early stage of the trampoline park investment will address selection, in the later business last time this probability will be bigger. According to calculation and related experience, the location factors in profit back to this than accounted for 70%. And, in in no special circumstances, the venue rental trampoline park and the region is closely relative to the development of the water is. < / p > < p > trampoline park stadium of decorate and decorate his own house is the same, both high-end atmosphere decorate a style, decorate also have normal. So, trampoline decorate venues need according to their own budgets and trampoline to decorate to budget. < / p > < p > 2, trampoline trampoline equipment investment cost of equipment investment refers to the trampoline park entertainment facilities, such as trampoline, climb over the wall, etc. For monitoring, front desk cashier equipment is belong to the supporting facilities, the facilities each investor can refer to a case in new kai cheung or contact new kai cheung consultation related issues. Three, trampoline park operation management cost of the so-called operations management refers to the trampoline park design to the operating investment expenses after opening. Which also includes the following several big cost. Staff costs. In general is based on the trampoline park area and stream of people how to configure the personnel. And the general staff including the manager, the cashier personnel, coaches, sales personnel, marketing personnel, personnel, etc. < / p > < p > promotion expenses cost much money. How much promotion expenses also need according to market research market TuiGuan activities accordingly. In addition, network marketing is also essential promotion methods. In fact, according to the current market development, the network promotion costs are higher than the cost of marketing. < / p >
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