Big trampoline project is introduced

< p > customize indoor trampoline park, looking for a suitable venue is very important, should first conduct market research first, then the location, the general advice is close to schools, business center, large supermarket, gym, teenagers relatively concentrated place such as a comprehensive amusement park. Ground height is also a important factor, for children area net height of about 4 m, in view of the adult site clear height of about 4. More than 5 m. We suggest that the site of the net height is 5. More than 2 m, this is not restricted by age, and some requirements for height higher program is not restricted. Find the dimensions of the site after site or CAD and site photos can design for you. < / p > < p > according to indoor trampoline park is a site size customized products, its function is rich, high playability. Have free bounce, professional trampoline, inflatable bounce, sponge pool, rock climbing, dunk, rock climbing, dodge ball, against the ball, etc. Trampoline is not only more than the fun of playing, but very helpful to the health of the body, because every time you jump in burning calories, experience freedom jump, it actually helps make your body condition better. Go to the gym can be a challenge, but on the trampoline park, exercise in the happiness! Play with almost all of the muscles, especially focused on the stomach, arms and legs. Began to regulate your muscles, increase your metabolism to burn fat and play, according to data, jumping ten minutes is equivalent to consume more calories jog for half an hour. < / p > < p > the spider tower belongs to the naughty castle and trampoline park project, it can exercise the child's physical, through free of elastic rope to reach the top, after playing through the punching bags, into the bottom of the slide slip. < / p > < p > trampoline slamdunk area, you feel far more than these. Use a trampoline rebound jumped jump the ball into the basket, easily slamdunk turns into the air, experience the freedom of fly jumping with joy. < / p > < p > software wall, jumping from four or five meters high wall free fall, back down on a trampoline, using the rebound leap into the air, after completing a series of special action, firmly back to the wall or the wall mounted a foot, down to a trampoline cycle started a movement. In the soft wall and protection for jumping, and let the players enjoy defy gravity, vertical the kind of incomparable feeling of walking on the wall. < / p > < p > bounce area we can free for fitness, weight loss and relieve the strain on a day work offers a number of aerobics trampoline, according to experts research, trampolining 5 minutes is equal to the treadmill run 30 minutes calorie consumption, jumping ten minutes is equivalent to consume more calories jog for half an hour. Therefore insist for a long time to trampoline movement, helps to promote metabolism and improve fat oxidation, relieve symptoms of obesity prevention. < / p > < p > sponge pool play a lot of, can jump up jump, over, fall into the pit sponge, is the expression of the trampoline movement adult cool way. In addition, the sponge pit side also is equipped with rock climbing area, make people fully enjoy the excitement and stimulation of falling into a bubble ocean from the air movement of trampoline. Dodge ball area is very competitive, the foreign popular dodge ball exercise and amusement trampoline of rebound, is interesting, in a cooperative and competitive trampoline movement form. < / p > < p > climbing wall, it can increase the body's flexibility and coordination degree, enhance physical strength. And enough to load his weight, against gravity. Enhance the thinking, at the foot of the concentrated force absorbed through the rock, pay attention to the body on the rock displacement of every detail, can cultivate a person focus on the object. Even if accidentally fall, you will fall into the soft comfortable sponge in the pool. < / p > < p > by rotating and dived into the pool, sponge trampoline both adults and children can fully relax your body and mood, can promote the body metabolism, bone and joint exercise, at the same time of entertainment, and can achieve the effect of physical fitness. Children enjoy wallowing in sponge pool, also completely don't have to worry about security issues, thinking about these actions, you can learn to flip yourself take a frequent inspects a circle of friends, can let a person feel bad and fun, the in the mind must be itchy, also very want to play. About the sponge pool really love-hate relationship! When you want to come out is a battle of very fat. < / p >
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