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Battery bumper car material

by:Bouncia      2020-04-07
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battery bumper car configuration 1, third gear speed driving, save electricity, 2 don't direct contact with the ground, to protect the machine 3, high speed; Circuit board is not easy to bad 4, digital control technology, the service life is long, 5, circuit board small volume, convenient installation, easy maintenance, 6 original MP3 music, updating, leads domestic tidal current 7, a remote control key, 8, convenient save electricity can be driven in concrete and other ground, no fixed place, reduce the investment risk. Electric bumper car material 1, car shell: use of high strength composite materials, the surface of the standard of environmental protection paint used on vehicles 2, frame, USES the international steel production, special design anticollision structure more sturdy 3, motor, USES 24 v400w high-power brushless motor, safe and reliable 4, anti-collision tire: adopt and thicken. in net cloth, the impact will not burst type electric bumper car is self-control rides, visitors can drive vehicles running in the yard free yourself, your driving skills, forward backward turn around, dodge, joy in the joy of life, is the very like teenagers, can play, ultra-safe amusement equipment, gain good rides amusement equipment. Electric bumper cars do not need special field configuration, as long as full of electricity can use, easy to use, the general material for: chassis for steel, shell for glass fiber reinforced plastic. Children electric bumper car manufacturer in the small entrepreneurial machinery industry has a good position, because the important role of hammer to break the machine, so children's bumper cars also fierce competition among manufacturers, in which want to win, will be exhausted, have unique advantages to dominate the market. A good children's bumper car manufacturer can be in any one place, he wouldn't miss any details of high quality enterprises. We have more kinds of electric bumper car park equipment, bumper cars also are increasing, the kinds of different kinds of bumper cars, function, price will have big different. Actually stand in the perspective of consumers position, bumper car is a issue for their price, which type of customer, whether they have a common characteristic, that is at the time of purchase bumper cars, hope to be able to buy a batch of high quality and low price products. So, as a customer, if you want to get the bumper car products, it must first understand the bumper cars spare parts. This is the product of simple operation: flexible, come and go freely. Adults and children can from can move forward, stop, retreat, rotate freely. In parks, squares, large shopping malls, tourist attractions, city square and so on investment and operation, low cost, high return is your small investment, business good projects. Professional technology, high quality service, quality assurance, let you zero risk investment, after all.
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