Aquatic amusement equipment maintenance and use of the assessment

2020 - 03 - 19 09:13:34

water park slide, derived from human's understanding of life and the feeling of life, life is movement, movement to bring fun in life, pay attention to 'static enlightenment', if the hot spring water park is the pursuit of 'dynamic'. A, large amusement slide equipment design principles of large amusement facilities design units shall, in accordance with the rules of the safety technology rides ( Trial) 'And other relevant safety technical norms and the corresponding national standard safety technical requirements for design, the design of large-scale amusement facilities is responsible for the safety technical performance. When the design should follow the principle of safety first and prudent conservative principles. Safety first principle mainly embodied in: ensure the personal safety. Design the product of any economic or technical performance indicators should be absolutely obey the safety index requirements; Don't allow any amusement facilities design involves the personal safety of uncertainty; For passengers may affect the safety of main mechanical parts, mechanical or electrical systems or components, must have enough safety redundancy, could never have lead to serious damage or cause serious damage to the plant personnel cannot detect single point failure or potential single point failure. Prudent conservative principles mainly embodied in: the mature technology is better than that of using the newly developed technology; To develop a new product or new technology used for amusement facilities, amusement facilities must pass strict argument, more procedures and inspection and test, and enough time to test; Important design complexity without Jane ( For important products, components or larger uncertainty, must be calculated by different methods or analysis from different angles and increase the calculation program, calculation and analysis should not only adopt single method or eliminate uncertainty) ; Consider safety factor influencing factors is much less; Can't heavy load or load combination selected is light; Select material strength value

is low not high principles.

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