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Intends to build several branches/ offices in foreign countries, depending on the business development and the market demand. We actively participate into different exhibitions and seminars. This is a way to keep in touch with you and the world. The construction of branches/ offices is a way to be nearer to you.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is a well-known company in inflatable water park for adults area with its flagship product being giant inflatable. The inflatable water park series is shown as follows. blow up water park is designed to give customers inflatable float . Bouncia use customized anti UV&heat material makes the life span of the floating water park 30%-50% longer than normal material. Bouncia is prestigious for supplying stable quality of inflatable water games. The originally designed double connection systems make the whole water park very stable and robust even in the bad weather.

As a top supplier of inflatable water park in stock, Bouncia is committed to creating for you. Inquiry!
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