Another view of playground equipment safety

2019 - 09 - 25 10:00:56

recently, an article on the criticism of amusement equipment renovation reported security issues into the draught, the amusement equipment, everyone calls for a piece of, have offered advice to relevant functional departments, crusade against unscrupulous producers, called on relevant measures. At that time, the consumer to amusement facilities, big 'fearful' state, China amusement equipment, information network, in this want to talk about some superficial views, only ra. All the knowledge, amusement facilities from the process of production and operation, one end is producers, end customer, regulatory functions and amusement facilities is among operators, and consumers are the direct victims 'rides', which is the most innocent, as well as the most passive

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of course, we look forward to a powerful regulatory functions, and implement the specific system, and from the source to crack down on 'no deal, no harm the interests of the chain, but it takes time, sound legal system will take time, but every day in our amusement story, everyone don't want a tragedy, including the operator is not responsible for. So, as innocent and passive consumers, with the hope that the legal system, is to polish eyes, institute of amusement, is is the best policy. And then a sound legal system, also won't put an end to the occurrence of crime, is for the same. How to safely pleasure? First of all, when you decide to take YouMou a ride, you first look at the sign, qualified to check the equipment have safety inspection certificate, and during the validity period of inspection. Refused to take no use registration certificate, no regular inspection reports, and was too old amusement facilities. Second, to understand the amusement program is not suitable for yourself, every amusement equipment on a person's body, age are required, and some disease patients are forbidden to take, so take before must know clearly. Then, to see whether the passenger information, every movement principle of amusement equipment vary, safety instructions, directions for use and safety protection, a former must know first, not the clear place to ask in a timely manner. In addition, to see the safety device ( Such as seat belts, safety bar, etc. ) Whether effective. If there is a complete safety devices do not or cannot be used properly, will refuse to take or play. Finally, the related note or field evidence, for human rights.
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