And a single, 25 a tiger cows bumper car exports, exported to Cambodia,

11 - 08 15:16:36

pleasure without borders, along with the development of the recreation industry, amusement borders more and more is not obvious, amusement products have been exported in various countries, our company also along with the development trend, to the way of foreign trade.

trade orders a lot, we fully realize that how product is popular, as a member of, we are also very proud, another foreign trade orders for a few days ago. 25 a cow tiger motos clinch a deal, export of Cambodia. This single is special, because, the customer directly to the factory inspection, finally and decide, so our quality is indisputable.

cow tiger bumper car sales so well, what's the characteristics?

first of all, he is easy to operate, two or three years old children can easily operation, a forward, backward high or low speed brake, the function is all ready.

in the second place, it security, namely stop brake loose foot, security issues, not as a hidden danger.

the third, it is popular. Cows tiger motos, appearance is very lovely, young children will fall in love with him.

so is there any reason not to choose him? !

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