An overview of amusement equipment industry


amusement equipment industry overview: 1. Large amusement equipment need great use of space, generally only used in large amusement park or the theme park, often hundreds of thousands of square space requirements, on the site must also consider the size of the consumer market and traffic, the huge capital investment, huge maintenance and repair costs, huge advertising investment, the management risk of the huge and complicated approval process and so on was destined to only a relatively small market demand. 2. Medium sized amusement equipment form a complete set of general installation within the park, shopping center or mall, general field of a fixed and investment scale in 10 - 1 million yuan, rely on natural keep operating passenger flow, passengers, unstable market easily saturated, venue rental, staff wages, the high cost of maintenance, long investment recovery time. Site bumper cars, for example: a group of bumper cars need eight to ten 100000 yuan, venue rental, sites need 15 set Total about 200000 yuan, 300000 yuan, each charge calculated at 10 yuan, need operation, operation 3 - in a year More than 50000 times to recover the investment, the market prospect is not very optimistic. 3. Small amusement equipment is generally by the self-employed, leisure square, shopping malls, villages and towns in the park areas, tourist attractions and other places scattered, individual business is given priority to, electric toy car, for example, the use of the product without having to form a complete set, only need to a flat ground, covers an area of 50 - 100 square, rely on the natural flow, ground rent is low, less artificial demand, usually in Monday to Friday afternoon 5:00 - At 10:00, weekend can operate throughout the day. Plush electric toy car, for example: a group of ten fluffy electric toy car need only one. 5 - 20000 yuan, other investment can be ignored, and each charge calculated at 5 yuan, need only operates a month - 3000 5000 you can recover all the investment, every car only need to run ten times every day! High return on investment, market prospect, fixed investment is little, operation flexibility, small investment risk, is a small investment.

amusement park equipment, specializing in single toy car, double gas storage battery, charging battery car cover, car can unpick and wash plush animal, rotating plane, bumper cars, robot pedalling, three generations of the LCD panel Mars chariot, Thomas small train, plane bumper cars, tanks, bumper cars, tiger motos cow Jin Gangxia, beach car, the royal carriage, two-seater tractors, inflatable castles, inflatable water slides, inflatable pool, steel bungee jumping, tiaotiao kangaroo equipment, equipment giant steps, touch stone across the river equipment, rainbow umbrella equipment, etc. Companies seek development by innovation, strives for the survival by the quality of the principle, create greater social value for the society. Fine workmanship, quality and cheap, durable, safe and reliable, entertaining characteristics favored by the users.

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