An interesting game props invincible hot wheels

2019 - 11 - 03 15:56:29

team building refers to team building. In order to achieve the team performance and output maximization of the a series of optimization of structural design and personnel incentive team behavior. Inspire a Shared vision, forming internal consensus, condensed centripetal force, build high-quality team, and to promote collaborative project. Team building form mainly through self management group, each group is composed of a group of employees, responsible for a complete work process or part of this work. Invincible hot wheels site requirements: a empty flat space game time: 20 minutes ( 1 minute discussion + 10 minutes to make) Gameplay: 12 - 15 people a group of newspaper and tape to produce a can be used to accommodate the enclosed big circle of all team members, will ring up the team members stand as above in the ring rolling ring. Touch stone across the river in the fastest way: three boards of parallel, distance is not too big, the right to look forward to the direction of the body, crouch, always keep a crouch, first, on two boards on the right side of the left hand grasp the left block to the right hand, and on the right side, from the front to bypass the left foot, his knees to separate points, on the right side plate, and then according to the above method to block to the left and right right foot up, and then repeat the above process, the process of centre of gravity is consistent, not when the high low, fast and steady, this method is suitable for strong sense of balance, flexible waist, PE teacher recommendations, test in person, very effective, practice available slippers at home.
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