Amusement park equipment manufacturer inspection screening method

2019 - 10 - In recent years, 23 09:37:16

, mechanical amusement equipment in the tourism industry is unusually hot, regardless of whether they are exempted from inspection small children's amusement equipment or adventure large adult amusement equipment, are very popular with tourists, so more and more scenic area are underway to build an amusement park. But how can we determine whether scenic amusement park equipment manufacturer professional? Small make up recommend to judge from the following from four o 'clock can come out: & emsp;   A look at the scenic spot amusement park equipment factory house have a relevant qualification. According to the provisions of the state, want to produce mechanical amusement facilities installation is to have relevant technical qualifications. If not, the company is not have the qualification of construction, it remains to be seen whether qualification is complete, choose as far as possible complete technical qualification of suspension bridge manufacturers.     The quality of the 2 see amusement equipment. Only high quality can ensure long-term operation of the suspension bridge later. Professional amusement park equipment manufacturer will strictly control every process of amusement equipment.     Three construction team. The main consideration of the construction team construction experience, innovation and rigour and rationality of construction, etc. A good construction team can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.     4 look after sales service. Professional amusement park equipment manufacturer has a perfect after-sales service system, timely solve problems for customers, also from the side reflects the amusement park equipment manufacturers have confidence in construction engineering, problems do not worry about amusement equipment.
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