Amusement park at the mall management more easily

2019 - 10 - 22 08:19:48

choose for amusement programs, investors have been very well, however, believe that there is not much for ocean ball child can resist its magic, ocean ball park is very welcomed by the children's playground in recent years, from small and large shopping mall or outdoor square, also can see its shadow. Business sea ball park, the location is very important, traffic is the guarantee of money from ocean ball parks, so a lot of operators will be located at the mall management sea ball park, why?

1, in shopping malls, health clean and have someone to clean, so in the mall management sea ball park relative to the outside in the open square business sea ball park for the dust will be relatively less, in being more easily kept clean. Many experts know, want to clean the tens of thousands of Marine ball is not an easy thing.

2, market will basically has two advantages, one is a large stream of people, and second, the transportation is convenient, the two big advantages can provide great convenience for operators. Turnover is guaranteed to have customers in the first place. Sea ball park located at the mall, don't worry no customer patronage, don't have to worry about no one knew of paradise, unwanted embarrassment situation.

3, more accurate target customers, shopping malls have a wide range of shops, basically can satisfy the demands of people of every age, very suitable for a size to shopping, also the people leisure, enjoy cool air, chat. These choices to store people to kill time is also the target customers of the garden, they are the most important is a size, parents went shopping tired, children also energetic? Take them to visit paradise is better, parents also can rest, by the way, the most important point, few children can withstand ocean ball pool of magic, so there has been a target customers, see operators how to attract them to Disneyland.

4, management and orderly, fixed position, to do propaganda activities. Emporium has perfect rules and regulations, this is also convenient for operator management, moreover, if is in the outdoor business, have no fixed place, also is affected by factors such as weather, location, is not conducive to attract customers for a long time, in contrast, in the mall management sea ball park is a great advantage. For propaganda activities, also mentioned, in front of the store inside the stream, the stream of nature is much better than the effect of the local campaign.

5, if choose in the mall management sea ball park have what disadvantages, then only one, store rent is too expensive, but as long as the operator is good at operating, maintain good customers, give customers a good gameplay experience, natural operation for a period of time will be back to this, to profit.

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