Amusement equipment within the store business?

2019 - 08 - 29 11:03:00

National Day the long vacation with children must have played inflatable castle slides of this kind of inflatable toys. Parks and plazas, markets, the popularity of temple fair also can see this kind of entertainment facilities, novel and lovely modelling is to attract the attention of the children, not gathered a lot of children of a small castle, business scene is very hot.

indoor playground, venue is a top priority, and could be a necessary condition for success: site focused on the best shopping malls, large community near or intensive. To ensure that enough people dying. On the mall, I have some Suggestions: 1, the store should some class and brand, there are enough people to maneuver, there will be enough spending power of the crowd, if the market level is low, also can bring your playground of low-grade, lower levels of playground will not have a good business, people rub off if not flourishing, flow, of course there's no way to make money. 2, playground equipment to the novel, such as some of the naughty castle before the business has been very hot, jiangsu now some amusement park amusement equipment, inflatable castle, for example, the new royal carriage, inflatable pool, aeration basin, is a new type of recently, such as the children are quite like it. There are some scene simulation, the new shark bumper cars are new children's playground. 3, the store's rent to control within thirty percent of your income, can consider to do this business. At present indoor playground is market, especially in the north, the spring and autumn period and the winter is long, the children stay longer indoors, so a lot of parents can't go out when took the kids to play in the indoor playground, will increase the child's social, climbing ability, such as hands and feet coordination. Well, as long as the site looking for children indoor playground is of great market prospect. Yourself like the response of some way to campaign for parents with children to play?

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