Amusement equipment to help children healthy growth

2020 - 01 - 05 08:55:26

every child's character and mentality is different, the reason is that the child's personality, character and behavior are initially formed in the family. So, parents for children in each family education content, education method is different, even the parents themselves in words and deeds of the family, values, traits of character, the different cultural level, children in the congenital differences, on the basis of differentiation is further expanded.

so, factors affecting the development of children personality in the family is what?

a, parents' behavior

parents own behavior is the biggest influence factor, so parents should know yourself into the social characteristics of subtle influence children through various methods. Ensure the healthy development of the child's personality and character.

2, parents for the child's attitude

many psychologists through family interviews, direct observation, questionnaire survey and experimental methods to understand the influence of parents of children education dimension, and ultimately form a 'control' ( Whether the mature children) And 'love' ( Don't care, trust, respect and understanding) The two dimensions. According to the different attitude of parents is divided into four types:

authoritarian parents - — Control + love

authoritarian parents - — Control + more than enough love

indulgent parents - — Love is not sensible enough + control

indifferent parents - — Don't control + love

13 years of the university of California studied education behavior and the personality development of children, the right thing to do is first to understand the understanding and respect for children, to remember the child's self-esteem inviolability, on this basis to give children the right love

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