Amusement equipment to buy new or used?

2019 - 09 - 23 08:52:38

in our operation, received many operators asked such a question: I have been in the amusement park, want to go to some amusement equipment, is to buy new, or buy secondhand good? Given that the questioner is not a few, and we will post to answer!     Actually, this question friend, is nothing but want to compress the playground of operating costs, this understandable, but this problem cannot treat as the same, the least controversial answer is: if economic conditions allow, of course, is to buy normal manufacturer production, brand new qualified amusement equipment.     If you find a frugal, road safety risk lower category of amusement equipment selection used is not can't, however, relatively high security risk category of amusement equipment, it is recommended that you still don't save that money. Otherwise, an accident can make operators ruin, to go to jail.     It is worth mentioning that the second-hand equipment is said here that normal manufacturer production of the new equipment, qualified is not those small workshops, small illegal factory production of products, or refurbished second-hand amusement equipment. This is a key problem, need you to identify.     Any industry products manufacturers, is the good and bad are intermingled, market pie who would like to point a, even second-hand operators, we cannot rule out, Normal manufacturer qualification) Some second-hand equipment, even smaller than illegal factory new devices are good, also do not rule out that developing small production equipment, equipment are good than industry brand.     Because all the good and bad, it initially came from small businesses, is do as a child big, from weak and stronger in a process. And master the process is, after all what man factors, decided to you the quality of equipment.     Actually to put it bluntly, it's like buying a used car, understand and do not understand, difference is very big. If you don't know, or you just into the line, we recommend that you buy new qualified equipment normal manufacturer. At least, by contrast, the risk will be a lot less, you said right?
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