Amusement equipment regular maintenance and care

2019 - 09 - 16 11:59:24

amusement equipment daily maintenance and repair work is not all strange for operators, and screw, nut, as the indispensable parts of mechanical amusement, but also to play the role of a connected and fixed. And when the normal operation of the equipment failure, which requires our technical workers remove access to the internal parts in. In this process will inevitably encounter some small questions, screw nut below small make up to introduce several small tips on the solution of the according to different situations. A disassembly, severed head screws for mechanical amusement equipment is mostly operate in outdoor, so has the severed head screw situation also happen from time to tome. On remove this kind of screws, want to on the screw drill, scored more than standard quenching steel cone, screw will be wrung out, pay attention to the force is too large, in case of damage the parent thread. If the screw hole in the center of the side beneath the surface of the parts break, in hole tapping the screw thread in this paper, the corresponding to the screw or tap screw out; If screw break above the surface of the parts, can add on the severed head welding screw keeps smashing the, or on the bulge beheading a hacksaw saw a a groove, and then use a screwdriver to twist out. The whole amusement equipment of screw drill bit off, replace slightly larger than the original screw diameter screw, and equipped with corresponding nut. 2, remove rust screws have experienced the storm or wait for a variety of natural conditions, amusement equipment of screw of corrosion status when removing also belong to normal. In dealing with this kind of issue is by hand tapping screws ( Screw bolt, nut, etc. ) Around to shatter rust layer, and then screw out; Can be the first to tighten the direction slightly twisted, to twist the opposite direction, so the step screw out; Around the screw a sprinkle some kerosene, or dip in with cotton yarn of kerosene, impregnation about 20 minutes, using kerosene, strong penetration, infiltration of rust layer, gradually become loose thread screw out again after. Three, the disassembly of group threaded connection

the disassembly of group threaded connection, except in accordance with the method of single thread removal must be as follows: first of all, each bolt to unscrew the first 1 ~ 2, and then along the diagonal among four weeks after one by one according to the rules. Is more than these three common maintenance of the problems in the process of removal, for amusement equipment to create greater value, will make daily maintenance and preventive maintenance work.

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