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2019 - 11 - 03 08:41:04

now whether it's a small town or developed a second-tier cities, amusement equipment are everywhere, to the playground, small to the corner store, and as an important element of business cost amusement equipment price is also one of the issues that investors care about most. Many investors to consulting park directly ask the most problem is cut to the chase: children's park investment how much? Problem comes, many investors are shopping around, learn some of the children's playground equipment price is expensive, some cheap quotation? The same equipment, there are several different quotation?

1, children's playground equipment using different raw materials. Children's playground equipment material is divided into a lot of kinds, currently on the market more common materials include ABS, EVA, EPP, ABS, and so on. The price of each type of material is different, the characteristics of each type of material is different also. In general, the environmental protection material more expensive than ordinary materials, imported materials more expensive than domestic materials, leading to the same kind of equipment price different.

2, production process is different. Each factory has its own production processes, each production process will have difference, price of the product is also different. Naughty castle of common equipment, for example, in the joint of welding process, some companies in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, will add a layer of two process; In sharp point such as the corner, for example, some manufacturers will use software sponge materials such as package, prevent children hurt. The more delicate, the more details in place of the children's playground equipment, price will be higher.

3, children's playground equipment within the configuration. The same kind of children's playground equipment, internal configuration is also different. Such as naughty fort, Mr. Big recruit equipment, are made up by some small project freedom, configuration of the project, the more the higher the price. The same area, three floors of the naughty castle price more expensive than two-story, eight kinds of project to more expensive than seven kinds of projects. Invest, the greater the configuration, the rich children's amusement equipment, the higher the price.

4, area size. In addition to the material, process, configuration, the influence of such factors as size is also one of the factors that affect children's amusement equipment costs. Or naughty fort, for example, naughty fort equipment accordance with square, the total price of 100 and 200 are different. The field, the greater the average price of per square meter will be lower, and vice is higher.

5, and product categories. Above are for the same kind of children's playground equipment, factors that affect the price. In addition to these factor is the species, and of course a different way of children's playground equipment quotation, the price also different. Some equipment accordance with square, like naughty fort, Mr. Big breakthrough, super trampoline. Some of the equipment is according to the set of quotation, such as rail train, water vessels, etc.

advice to the masses of customers in choosing a children's playground equipment suppliers do not covet is cheap, as the saying goes, 'no good cheap goods', don't you want to 'cheap' adventure playground equipment prices, to remember the children's playground equipment is one of the most important equipment safety performance, the second is to choose a good brand is the key. Cheap product safety risk is high, the late operation are great hindrance. More standing in long-term operation and profit point of view, an internal configuration and design style, take appropriate oneself venues and equipment configuration scheme.

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