Amusement equipment off-season business methods

2019 - 10 - 10 14:23:42

season change is children amusement equipment operation and the normal phenomenon, throughout the year for general paradise, off-season from after the Spring Festival each year to the end of April, after the National Day to the next year before the Spring Festival, the time as long as 180 days or so, accounted for 49% of the time, how to get through this 'the night', is every park operator is particularly a problem. During this paradise in common management faces: track traffic decline in income shrink, equipment operating cost is high, the weak brand promotion propaganda three dilemmas lack of bright spots. How to overcome the off-season face doing business difficulties? A, use opportunely 'opportunistic' in off-season off-season time under the condition of passenger flow is relatively small, children's amusement equipment for peak work, can not only guarantee ratio of the experience of the tourists in the park amusement as well as energy conservation and consumption reduction, reduce operating costs. For long-term big wrong peak load operation of the equipment maintenance, annual inspection, to ensure that the peak season of the equipment safe operation at the same time reduce the maintenance cost. Off-season passenger volume is small, implements double choice for internships and part-time personnel, effective control of the human resource cost; At the staff to make use of spare time skills training, service improvement, fire safety drill, safeguard season business service quality stable at the same level. Second, use opportunely activating stock price user off-season for theme park actually does not reduce the core customers, just because the weather reason that led to the decrease of the experience demand, but at this time will be easy to improve customer satisfaction. So we should try to activate the consumer groups, using the Internet to move markets, create word of mouth, in the off-season for the peak season of children's amusement equipment management for water storage. Particular way is: the equipment list for irregular promotion attract long-term focus on tourists each year; Combined with secondary consumption is reasonable, gradually decreasing step by step according to the activities of the promotion period, pay attention to in passenger flow, keep the policy of coherent, etc. Three, use opportunely full the power of the Internet with the power of the Internet, has formed a powerful Internet content marketing team, with younger theme marketing, based on the integration of content channels, and success in the consumers' mind to establish perception of paradise children's amusement equipment. Here it is important to note that the park's official weibo, WeChat should be from a single information release, tourist information, gradually evolved into a paradise of powerful system since the media promotion and consumption. In promoting children's amusement equipment, focus on strengthening paradise symbol of their products, not for others to be forgotten. Off-season business methods to you, more will own management practice of oh! Kaifeng swatches have ice land amphibious motos amusement equipment, welcome to buy.
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