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Amusement equipment music selection skills

by:Bouncia      2020-06-08

children's amusement equipment generally equipped with specific music, to foil atmosphere, the purpose of attracting customers. Music kinds case, however, what kind of music is appropriate as amusement equipment score? How to choose the music?

  Generally choose relatively light and lively music as background music, but also has difference for different devices.

  1, for some of the stimulus is higher for children's amusement equipment, equipped with some relatively fast pace of music can reflect more exciting atmosphere;

  2, we can take some children's amusement equipment with higher recreational sex with bright light music, to let children play while more can feel the atmosphere of leisure;

  3, as for the strong antagonism of children's amusement equipment with fast music is very good, can be very good improve children's enthusiasm.

  In short, choose amusement equipment to undertake collocation according to the equipment itself and site characteristics.

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