Amusement equipment manufacturer share battery bumper car slow how be to return a responsibility?

2019 - 11 - 01 09:16:41

played amusement equipment people are know bumper car is a very let people like amusement equipment, general fast to drive the car is very exciting, because the style type is more, both adults and children can play. But because the battery bumper cars play a long time there will be a problem, that is the car slow, is what reason causes the speed of the car slow down? Today is about to get off the car bumper car manufacturer what is the cause of slow. 1, the bumper car batteries can lead to the speed of the car slow down, just bought or long car, the customer can go to replace the bumper car battery charge or motos ruled out the problem.     2, result in slow speed switch problem, general this kind of situation in about half a year of common failures, we can test on the car, toggle switch, watch for speed change, if have change shows that switch is no problem. If there is no change switch is damaged need to change, or will switch out to the back of the two threads connected directly, can be fixed in'll position.     3, driving wheel wear lead to slow, the car driving wheel wear serious, lead to smaller driving wheel circumference, so unit time driving distance will be shorter, so feel slow, change the driving wheel and the wheel can troubleshoot.     4, motor rotor and carbon brush poor contact, don't go walking too common or flushing a goods start driving, clean the rotor and the position of carbon brush can be slow to solve motos common failures & emsp;   5, wheel bearing broken lead to slow, check whether the wheel is swung, such as weaving, change the wheel bearing can troubleshoot. That is about the bumper car manufacturers about the cause of the battery touch the car slow what, when we have been in the presence of the car the car slow problem, can according to the above methods to into the car to check one by one, found the problem, which timely solve problems, to avoid affect our business motos amusement equipment.
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