Amusement equipment management and the matters needing attention

2019 - 09 - 23 17:28:24

at amusement facilities applicable crowd. Take amusement facilities is appropriate for their own health, understand the rides on patients with age, or some request, choose suitable for their own amusement facilities. 2 see passenger information. Understand the movement characteristics of amusement facilities, instructions, safety instructions and warnings, accomplish know fairly well. Listen to staff the safety knowledge and safety instructions, unclear questions in a timely manner. Three security marks. Check whether the equipment safety inspection certificate, and during the validity period of inspection. Don't take no use registration certificate, no amusement facility inspection on a regular basis. Four security device. To see the safety device ( Such as seat belts, safety bar, etc. ) Whether effective. If there is a complete safety devices do not or cannot be used properly, will refuse to take or play. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to don't bring children's amusement facilities in greater danger; Ride, to obey the arrangement of the management staff, consciously fasten your seat belt safety protection devices, such as cooperate well safety protection measures; Rides after startup problems don't panic, to follow the attendant's instructions, avoid unnecessary damage; If found no certificate or no amusement facilities for safety inspection report in time, is advantageous for the relevant departments to investigate, to ensure the safety of other consumer spending; Such as safety accidents happened within the premises, attention should be paid to keep the scene evidence, so that the complaints in the future. Bumper cars during the past hundred years of development, both in the performance of the bumper cars, or on the modelling of bumper cars, or in the production of bumper car technology, bumper car after-sales service, the management of the bumper cars, etc. , have been fundamental changes, the following, we will make the comprehensive introduction to modern bumper cars. Is the same bumper car is as a kind of equipment abroad. General motos operator can select a specific field, modern, of course, the more advanced a bumper cars, battery bumper car, don't need special field, just flat on the ground can run bumper cars, for example on the cement floor, floor tile, terrazzo, marble, can be fast moving, ceiling can have also can not, this generally according to the local climate change, if is rainy place, had better be installed on the ceiling, in this way, you can in the rain, also can let a rider normally play bumper car, bumper car operators are not in the case of a time management is caused
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