Amusement equipment in safety

2020 - 01 - 04 08:55:12

when amusement equipment operation, take the people could be within on content for mobile, may be left out of the collision, slide out, must take their equipment. Binding equipment should be reliable, comfortable, and by direct contact with the components have proper softness. Bundling equipment of planning should be able to prevent a certain parts be task or crushed, should be simple, easy to operate.

different age children choose different way of amusement

children's amusement equipment according to the child's age characteristic and state of mind to select toys, children of different ages, different development degree of the body and mind development degree, the requirement of toy is different also, parents should be in accordance with the selected toys. Along with the development of the speech function, prefer to simulate movement and the days of adults around, which can be chosen for them modelled on the day the theme of the toy, may guide the children, the appropriate time to assist children take advantage of these things make your ideal items at random. The positive and constructive activity is the most beneficial to the physical and mental development of children. Differences, according to the features of children, purposefully selected toys: active children, parents can choose for its static state intellectual toys, such as building block assembling, plastic toys, etc. ; Being withdrawn monarch, silent, don't fit in with the children, parents can choose dynamic for the toys. Square amusement equipment

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