Amusement equipment, how to choose

2019 - 09 - 09 16:05:39

with the development of economy, people's spiritual life is becoming more and more good, so play more and more exquisite, the subsequent amusement equipment is also more and more exquisite. Amusement equipment industry is also very popular in the market a variety of amusement equipment emerge in endlessly, also known by the market, but times are different, amusement equipment of products is also different. What is by far the most popular new amusement equipment, amusement equipment types so much how should choose? Here is to summarize the front in the face of so many kinds of amusement equipment should be how to choose suitable for their own amusement equipment.

when it comes to choose amusement equipment are going to have to say the classification of the amusement equipment. Amusement equipment according to the function can be divided into inflatable amusement equipment, mechanical amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, aquatic amusement equipments, electronic amusement equipment, etc. Every kind of amusement equipment inside contains many different play equipment. Like inflatable amusement equipment includes inflatable trampoline inflatable slide inflatable rock climbing, etc. , machinery and equipment including the carousel, orbit train, spinning bungee jumping, etc. , water device contains inflatable pool, stents, pool, water slide etc. According to different style, many amusement equipment can be tailored to their favorite style. There are so many devices, whether they should be how to choose?

choose amusement equipment is affected by many factors, such as site factor, capital factor, management factor and so on, only the combination of these aspects into account, your choice of amusement equipment is the most suitable for their own, you should to say in detail how to select amusement equipment.

if your site is indoor venues, so according to the size of their field, it can make children indoor naughty castle park planning. If space and residual, can according to the area of the site planning of educational manual and electronic recreational area, diversified, diversified equipment choice is to make business more profitable. Indoor naughty castle can choose ocean ball pool inside, projection slide, sand pool, rotating equipment, trampoline, drill holes, etc. Electronic amusement machine can choose water, driving simulation, strike etc. Indoor amusement equipment choice basically see playing field size and height, if field are no limit can be handed over to professional amusement equipment company to the planning and design.

if your site is outside of the field, then choose amusement equipment will pay attention to how often move, whether can be fixed at the bottom, whether to have the rain equipment, etc. Outside the venue not only to consider the above factors, but also consider the location of the site. Because the amusement equipment appropriate for the different space position is different also. As park inside, outside a supermarket, shopping mall, outside square, different field need equipment is different. Even some sites will ask what you can put a amusement equipment, can only put the amusement equipment, other equipment. This requires more careful to choose the venues and equipment. Here is a quick rundown of the field should be how to choose equipment.

field inside the park, should choose a few large amusement equipment, for the park are many, the competition is big, so your choice of equipment must be big and beautiful appearance. Like 36 luxurious carousel, 24 control plane, luxury flying chair, mini shuttle, etc. , these devices at once to take also more suitable place traffic is larger.

site above is suitable for the square inflatable amusement equipment and small electric bumper cars amusement equipment. If site can also put mobile pirate ship, simple carousel, etc. Because it is a square, sometimes empty the equipment management will ask. So choose such equipment must be movable.

site in the villages and towns, can choose a few simple amusement equipment, appropriate like simple carousel, rail train, water hand boats and so on, the equipment investment is not big, very suitable for charging lower ground, such as villages and towns. The

if his operating personnel less, then can choose equipment to choose the remote control, simple and convenient. Cannot choose like manual bungee jumping, every here an inferior to your own, very inconvenient.

the above was the site of the according to their own position and situation of amusement equipment selection. But also involves many factors, the choice of equipment if you didn't have the experience, must be carefully chosen. General amusement equipment manufacturer will provide help in this regard, if you do not understand, can consult them, prevent to make mistakes.

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