Amusement equipment, four seasons electricity requirements

03 - 01 16:34:00

spring temperatures warming, often accompanied by wet weather, is also a time for amusement equipment safety problems more concentrated, a slight negligence may lead to accidents. Remind you attention, therefore, amusement equipment, the safe problem is urgently needed, to put an end to happen amusement for safety problem, must pay attention to the following four aspects. 不。 1 children amusement equipment should not be set within the channel of high voltage overhead transmission wire, such as setting must obtain the consent of the local administrative departments of electric power. 不。 2 children's amusement equipment, low-voltage distribution system grounding type TN - should be adopted S system; Electrical equipment metal shell and not charged metal structure must be reliable grounding; The protection of the low voltage power distribution system repeat grounding resistance is not more than 10 o; Prompt, grounding device design and construction shall comply with the industrial and civil electrical device grounding design code; The insulation resistance between electric circuits and ground should not small to 1 m. 不。 3 children's amusement equipment electrical system design function must meet the rides operation control and safety protection needs, and meet the requirements of local environmental conditions of normal use. 不。 4

prompt you, height more than 15 m of amusement facilities should be set lightning protection devices, lightning protection device must be reliable connection, the grounding resistance should no more than 10.

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