Amusement equipment found foreign body should be cleaned immediately

2019 - 10 - 02 15:27:45

investment amusement equipment business does not mean that the cost can at the back of the day, but also can create a stable and lasting income. Therefore, indoor amusement equipment in phase adopts a and promotion activity is very necessary. As the saying goes, 'all knowledge learning' everywhere, not in the preliminary planning and operation. Adjustments should be based on market feedback. Repair and maintenance of health is a basic aspects. To clean indoor and outdoor indoor amusement equipment is a very important aspect. Every day there are a lot of children play, so the operator should pay special attention to hygiene, keep the equipment clean surface, found that foreign body immediately clean up, indoor amusement equipment clean and tidy parents are willing to take children to play. The second is to pay attention to safety component overhaul. For parents, safety is the basic line of children on the playground. They can't even make sure safety, therefore, in investment indoor amusement equipment, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the shaft, welding, wire, belts and other details for inspection and testing, and strengthen the training of employees, to ensure safety for the children. Amusement equipment machinery, machine can meet different people's facial features, mechanical amusement facilities, the working principle of each kind of facility is different, give a person the feeling is different also. Mechanical amusement facilities inside the fire control plane, carousel, sea roam, bumper cars and so on.
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