Amusement equipment business square is full of business opportunities, a few inflatable storage battery allows you to easily make

2019 - 02 - 26 10:40:22

during Chinese New Year without friends, right now is to go out to walk around with children, usually play or watch TV at home on mobile phones, so the time has gone unconsciously, wait to want to go out to work found that earn money already spent a lot of year, there was a time when chatting with relatives, 'said one of his friends, because at home all right, just do some small business to make money, then I thought of the square play this piece, this friend just rented a place in a square, in the factory make to order a inflatable fish pond, bought a few small goldfish and fish in the small box, the end of the day is earned thousands of yuan, returned to this day, people say it's really a good project, business opportunities. Said to square attractions, how can less gas storage battery, square inflatable storage battery in recent years, through the great river north and south is fire, popular children's favorite, in the square a few inflatable car storage battery, a winter vacation work half year earn more than others, the design of gas storage battery also much more special, like the square common page inflatable storage battery, the pig armor warrior inflatable storage battery, gas storage battery, tomas pigpigman inflatable storage battery and so on are especially popular, a lot of gas storage battery cover all the lights, deserve to go up music, became a beautiful scenery line in the square. Our factory mainly rides products: merry-go-round, naughty fort, children bungee jumping, orbit train, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, stents, pool, inflatable water toys series, bumper cars, rotating flying dragon, rotating plane, pedalling robots, robot cart, coke car, pit machine, rotating takeoff and landing aircraft, inflatable castles and other hundred kinds of recreational facilities. Our product sales nearly thirty provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country, exported to southeast Asia, European and American markets, the company perennial with domestic large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers close cooperation, independent development and production, sell and import and export of amusement equipment. We in line with the 'pure', 'special' and 'new' spirit of pragmatic development, together with our customers hand in hand to create a good faith, mutually beneficial business atmosphere!
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