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2019 - 08 - 20 09:27:53

is a professional production of amusement equipment. The company from the design to see sample orders, from purchase to install, management from the playground to after-sales service, has a professional staff responsible for, the company has successfully developed a series of novel, beautiful modelling of large, medium and small play equipment products, suitable for residential area, playground, shopping malls, restaurants, community, park, kindergarten and all kinds of indoor and outdoor venues, the products sell well in domestic cities. Children's amusement equipment, the most popular investment projects, low cost, high income, back to the fast, there is no default. Check on site. Time and space at random. Children's beach car, small square is imitation beach car, make a regular square to square beach car seat mechanical toys for children to play. Adapted to the park, kindergarten, beach car configuration upgrade, the antiskid tyre, easy uphill, powerful shock absorption, gear motor, LED flash lights, power strong. 1. Metal wheels: thickening vacuum tire, wear-resisting, hold the dungeon, friction resistance, its handling is strong. 2. Longer hydraulic shock absorption: bold suspension design, improve the ride comfort and comfort of driving. 3. Crash barrier: to prevent accidental appearance, can effectively guarantee the car from damage. 4. Radar light cool color LED lights: more than dazzle cool light, bulb, lighting strong sex, plastic protection lampshade, lamp safer, equipped with four vehicles headlight 3 d surround subwoofer can move forward, hand to take the high low speed, manual brake, otherwise CVT knob, can adjust at remote manual operation atv must note 1, small square by the specialist care. 2, the operator in the small square beach car is running, running in the square fast four-wheel atv, cannot leave the console, should pay attention to the small square beach car running situation at any time.
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