After a rainy day amusement equipment security considerations

2019 - 08 - 28 17:44:44

children's amusement equipment is safe for us influence is very big, especially after the rain, check the safety of the children's amusement equipment will become very important. And after it rains, we check children's amusement equipment, as well as to the children's amusement equipment maintenance work should be done well what respect? After the rain check and maintain children's amusement equipment safety what aspects need to be: after the rain, don't be so quick to boot run children's amusement equipment. We should take the children's amusement equipment to wipe again, in addition to check whether all electrical appliances, electrical cabinets, electrical, electrical, water, each part of the children's amusement equipment machine screws. If there is a part of the water, and dry with blower, or such as dried thoroughly and ensure that children's amusement equipment, machine parts, dry, trial run again. Commissioning confirmed ahead of children's amusement equipment machine can run normally, then to start business. In this way, can ensure the safety of the children's amusement equipment operation. Children's amusement equipment safety inspection and maintenance are very important, we must be sure to pay attention to these, it will help us better business children's amusement equipment.
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