Affect children's amusement equipment motos what business?

2019 - 09 - 23 17:24:34

there are many factors that can affect children's bumper car park business, one of the most important thing is site traffic, if it is in the middle of nowhere, no business. If site selection in the downtown area, traffic was bigger place will have a good income, but the cost will be very high, the profit is not much. Especially for the first time in the amusement industry, budget is not high, all of a sudden input is too big, are not allowed on the money. Village square, park, kindergarten playground comprehensive shopping malls. Do this kind of business are common to earn money, kaifeng swatches amusement equipment bumper car quality is quite good, can search on alibaba. Children's indoor amusement equipment in the process of operation, want to attract more passengers to come to visit, visit and greatly enhance people's interest, to guide everyone played a project would also like to play the second and the third, very anxious to play all the rides a times, amusement equipment, it is very important to put, put the time pay attention to the distance and space allocation, neither too broad, also cannot too crowded, relatively popular in the market now is battery bumper cars, children battery bumper cars, and double battery bumper cars. Battery bumper car full set the price also is relatively cheaper, investment cost is a little bit small. And electric temperature field is relatively easy to choose, can the indoor and outdoor. To want to invest in bumper cars for friends but don't want to invest too much battery bumper car is a better choice. Dear customer: hello! Thank you to buy the company series product, we would like to thank you! In order to protect the lawful rights and interests of you, from your worries, kaifeng swatches amusement equipment to you to make the following product warranty service standards, and accordingly when you need to provide you with: 1, the company strictly in accordance with standards, contract and technical specification requirement to choose better solutions, and fully to monitor process quality and inspection, to ensure product quality. 2, set up the technical filing of user service for after-sales service. The company according to customer requirements, selection of technology and equipment, to ensure the reliable quality, excellent performance, reasonable price, to meet customer requirements. 3, the company's products, within one year from the date of purchase ( ) , the company will provide you with free. After the warranty expires, will continue to provide life-long maintenance, appropriate maintenance fees depending on the situation. 4, where my company sold the product to the user of product specification, product qualification certificate, packing list and related technical data, and free for the user operation personnel training, time, number of unlimited. 5, do not belong to free warranty obligations: 5, can let the child independent operation. Although the child's ability is not strong, but they are willing to operate on their own. So can let children hands-on children's amusement equipment must be more popular. 6, excellent manufacture. The poor quality of children's amusement equipment is often a problem for certain, this will not only affect the proprietor of the business, and will play to young children are put very disappointed, so choose to other children's amusement park to play, the customer was slipping away. 7, many people play together. Children like to play with kids or parents, so good amusement equipment should be able to make two or more persons to play.
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