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2019 - 08 - 25 11:13:03

equipment is engaged in the unpowered parent-child amusement equipment company, has industry base. With advanced product research and development center; In the planning and design, production, installation, operation and management and so on various aspects have years of experience, the company adhere to prudent management, continuous innovation, opening up and cooperation, in foreign trip, indoor park, pre-school education, children's scientific exploration pavilion four section constructs a little to the comprehensive solution. The way of self-development, cast the heart of craftsmen, we cling to the dream, focus on the present, with enthusiasm, responsibility, persevere in the pursuit of perfect quality; As China's leading enterprise, national high-tech enterprises, the amusement equipment led united several excellent enterprise to draft and formulate the 'national amusement equipment safety standards', healthy development. In imagination to the future, in order to promote children's culture creative industry as own duty, with 'young strong, China's strong' national mission, is committed to build science and technology culture brand and the characteristics of high and new technology enterprise, the healthcare industry, the great Chinese dream relying on science and education
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