How to pay for giant inflatable floating water park ?

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd accepts payment by international wire transfers (T/T), letters of credit (L/C), Paypal, Western Union, credit card. But what is the best way to pay? T/T is the most common payment method, but you will bear the cost of the foreign exchange transaction. L/C is the safest payment method, but it is a quite expensive option. We accept it only for very large transactions. Paypal is more suitable for small transactions, such as sample fees, sample freight, and small orders. For small and medium orders, Western Union and credit cards are recommended.

Bouncia is a company known for manufacturing inflatable water amusement park. We've created a collection of products that appeals to the needs of our clients. As one of Bouncia's multiple product series, blow up water park series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The professional and responsible team is in charge of the production process of Bouncia kids inflatable water park. Our Inflatable Water Park are safe and harmless. The product can handle well under high temperatures. It exhibits high retention of properties and low volume swell when subjected to high temperatures. we is a manufacturer who is specialized in air sealed inflatable products, especially floating waterpark games.

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