commercial inflatables wholesale 's qualifications and internationally authoritative certifications

Prior to applying for certifications, Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd delivers commercial inflatables wholesale to our testing laboratory. The product will be tested in accordance with the laboratory's internal procedures and with the methods listed in the test standards specified by the certification scheme. Once the product doesn't conform to the quality standard, it will be returned to our factory and re-manufactured. Each of our products has passed the quality test and is in strict accordance with the international standards. In terms of the technical specifications and product details such as performance and materials adopted, we ensure every product offered by us is quality-certified and conforms to the international standard.

Bouncia has a proud and extensive product manufacturing and developing history. Currently, our main business is providing inflatables for sale. As one of Bouncia's multiple product series, inflatable water park series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Bouncia inflatable water park is manufactured using foreign advance technology. Our Inflatable Water Park's certification is very helpful for you to apply for license and buying insurance. our team has been very popular for its good quality assurance. For anchor rings, we always use 316 stainless steel which last longer in water.

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