A new type of amusement equipment suitable for square

2019 - 08 - 27 08:31:40

new amusement equipment for square? China Boyle has become the hot search common to the words, a list of China's famous is to start from square dance. Every city square is a leisure place. In which city, whatever the cultural background. Chinese people after dinner or lunch, mostly like to near the square for a walk. Real estate developers at the time of its buildings, often hit the slogan is, close to the XXX plaza. Every night, every city square is crowded, very busy place. The government in the urban infrastructure investment, to square planning is indispensable. The importance of visible square for the Chinese. Square is not only a place for Chinese Boyle dance and youth to the party, walking play all kinds of entertainment gathering places. Children are no exception. We often see the square have a children's amusement equipment. The square business new amusement equipment has what?

  New amusement equipment types: & emsp;   Square as a result of the limitation of space, the placement of large-scale amusement equipment is lack of feasibility, children's amusement equipment is mainly of the square is small the amusement equipment. All kinds of amusement equipment has its advantages, also like children. Mimi car such as cake, is a kind of small cartoon car with electric drive. Children can easily drive one person. The characteristics of the seat design accord with human body mechanics, comfortable safety. In the process of moving, light music, children can also through the screen to see their favorite cartoons, so new amusement equipment, in the square is one of the kids loved the equipment. Inflatable castles, using environmental protection material, to the castle for modelling, with blower continuous gas supply to maintain its modelling, children enter the castle, in the soft castle, hide and seek, play, play, communication between children is a good helper. Children through double jump, roll, climb, shake, shake, and other activities, can exercise the body, the development of intelligence. And easy to tear open outfit, easy to transport. In addition to mainly introduce a few and plate, carousel equipment mightily square business good children's amusement equipment. Recommended reading: how to avoid problems arising from the new amusement equipment management

& emsp;   New amusement equipment manufacturers and we are considering the focus of the amusement equipment, amusement equipment in the production of the square, many of the amusement equipment manufacturer, is there much of a difference in the quality of the equipment and appearance, square business children's amusement equipment manufacturer all have a common characteristic is trustworthy, quality guarantee, the contour novel variety, suitable for the actual situation of square. Have a good after-sales service. In the open square environment, the product quality is more important. Not only to protect the safety of users, but also to safeguard life and convenience of daily management consider operators

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