A new bumper cars Tod sheriff

2019 - 12 - 23 17:24:54

bumper car is a kind of video games facilities. Equipment including bumper cars vehicles and an indoor space. Skynet bumper cars on the ceiling with the electricity grid. The court have small electric bumper cars for driving passengers. The sides of the bumper cars are made from rubber apron, and by vertical pole to take electricity from the ceiling. Generally up to two people sitting on the bus, have accelerated with the feet, and turn the steering wheel. Bumper cars are now widely popular with friends, in operation, the square battery bumper car operators shall guide passengers to use safety equipment, correct explanation about security considerations, dynamic, close attention to the work in time to prevent or correct the passengers against safety operation of action. Such as rendering affect safety or other abnormal condition, should immediately suspend the equipment work. Amusement equipment operators is necessary through the relevant training inspection and get related certificates after operation certificate, unlicensed personnel shall not operate. Here small make up also notice motos operators must put the bumper car security problem in the first place! Repair maintenance personnel according to the condition of safety technical specifications and the actual using, to regular maintenance of amusement equipment, found something wrong with the check may be curing, potential accidents or other abnormal condition, to arrange the repair in time. And deal with the personnel to supervise the view operation, repairs and maintenance personnel in the work condition and each record, in a timely manner to prevent and correct illegal operators, repairs and maintenance staff, does not meet the security requirements of all kinds of amusement equipments, to firmly shut down.

toto sheriff bumper car size: 160 * 90 * 70, weight: 69 kg weight: 150 kg motor power: 24 v, 350 w, Brushless) Battery: 32 a * 2: amd brake loose feet stop both colors: red, yellow, blue green tyre: explosion-proof solid wheel speed: 1 ~ 20 km/h adjustable lantern: whole vehicle dazzle colour lights

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