A few of the more popular on the market the bumper cars

2019 - 09 - 25 11:01:28

with type bumper cars - investment budget Relatively popular in the market now is battery bumper cars, battery bumper car, children and double battery bumper cars. This type of battery bumper car full set the price also is relatively cheaper, investment cost is a little bit small. And electric temperature field is relatively easy to choose, can the indoor and outdoor. To want to invest in bumper car but don't want to invest too much is better choice, friends in the park with the battery bumper car a full set of price is in six thousand yuan, children square electric bumper car prices at around two thousand five hundred. Two ground net bumper car suits in fixed site management, because of the ground net bumper car full set the price a little expensive, relatively because of the ground net bumper car outside construction is more troublesome, also, with the laying of the floor, etc. , the new children swim this so for investment is larger, the choice of equipment: main divided into fixed and battery bumper cars now two kinds of style, these two kinds of different style not only cost them is different to the requirement of ground, so we must when trying to choose according to their different characteristics and then choose a suitable combined with their own situation.

the royal carriage configuration tables: size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 quality: 150 kg weight: 200 kg shell: strengthen the glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather resistance car paint. Brushless motor: 48 pay gear efficient 500 - watt motor controller: 48 pay 500 w brushless 3 generation of LCD controller battery: amd 20 a * 4 brake: efficient electronic brake, loose feet or stop lights: dazzle colour lamp add neon with high reflective tyre: high wear-resisting rubber explosion-proof tire color: phnom penh tinted bumper: 50 gb stainless steel pipe start-up system: remote control key dual boot time Settings: 1 - Before and after 60 minutes of free time collision: with collision avoidance radar

Benz car parameters: the vehicle size 155 cm, 92 cm high, 89 package size 155 cm wide, 92 cm, 67 cm high, 1, 250 w brushless motor, 20 a, amd two batteries, 58 kg weight of the car, but bearing 150 kilograms, counting, timing, remote control, speed control and forward back the basic configuration is complete, such as the siren sound, shell engineering plastic material

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